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4 Metallic Eyeliners to Accentuate Your Eyes

4 Metallic Eyeliners to Accentuate Your Eyes

7 Trendy Metallic Eyeliners to Accentuate Your Eyes ...
This fall and winter bold eyes are in! The trick is adding in some metallic eyeliner to your makeup routine.  If you’re looking for a metallic eyeliner, but are not sure where to start, check out my selections below that are available at your nearest Sephora and Ulta shops after the jump!

This color is a great option. The color is deep and rich.  It’s called “Rue de Rivoli” and has the perfect amount of metallic give you that sexy eye that you desire. It’s smudge-proof, and lasts for up to 12 hours.
2.  Jet Black- Buxom
Be bold and rock a black eyeliner. Try this black metallic eyeliner by Buxom called Black Jasper. It goes on gentle so you can wear it on the inside rim of your eye.  Try it along your lash line, too.
3.  Hot Pink- Makeup Forever

I love this eyeliner because you can use it as an eyeshadow too. This eyeliner stays on well without smudging or clumping! Feel free to layer this pink with another neutral liner.
4. Deep Purple- Smashbox

This can really serve as a go-to metallic eyeliner.  It’s called Black Violet. The best part is that it’s water-proof, silky-smooth, and it’s made with Vitamin E and jojoba oil. This is a greaet eyeliner because it has a built-in sharpener making it easy to have perfect lines anytime.
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