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4 Ways to Get Ready for Winter

4 Ways to Get Ready for Winter

The winter can be especially harsh on our skin, so it’s necessary to take action early to ensure that you’ll glow on season long. Follow these 4 tips to ensure your winter beauty success!


1. Keep Moisturized 

Lightweight moisturizers are a thing of the summer, let it go. Winter time is especially harsh on the skin, therefore your moisture routine has to be on point. Chapped skin runs rapid in the winter, so find an intensive moisturizer and stick to it.

2. Shorter Showers

Long hot showers feel so great after a long day in the cold weather, but not so fast! This warm relief is actually damaging to the skin in the winter, because it dries out your skin more than usual and increases your chances of chapped, irritated skin.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating eliminates the dead skins cells that lead to dry skin. The key for winter time exfoliating is to moisturize right after. This process helps the moisturizer seep in to the skin for a long-lasting effect.

4. Keep Hydrated 

Moisturizers are awesome no doubt, but you have to starting hydrating from the inside out. Keeping yourself replenished is the best way to ensure that you’ll have glowing skin all winter long.


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