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5 Amazing Nude Lipsticks to Try

5 Amazing Nude Lipsticks to Try

There are so many great shades of neutral lipstick in stores today. Wearing a nude lip is a very sexy look but only if you apply it correctly.   For those who find it hard to narrow down shades to try check out this list of the 5 best nude lipsticks!


Tom Ford is a high end beauty product that makes an amazing nude lip! This lipstick really warms up the complexion so you don’t look so lifeless as some of the others. I love the black and gold container that it comes in as well!

WNW’s Bare It All is a super inexpensive nude lip color to add to your collection of lipsticks. For around $2-3 (at most drugstores) you can grab this very opaque and matte nude lipstick that looks great on medium skin tones. If you don’t want your lips to look too dry make sure you wear a lip balm underneath or top it off with a gloss!

YSL’s lipsticks always get me! This creamy nude lip color is super yummy.  The gold lipstickcase with the famed YSL logo is to die for. Sensual Silk is a heavily pigmented and long wearing lipstick that’s perfect for daytime or to wear out for special occasions!

Try out Sephora’s Honeymoon is you’re not a fan of the matte look. This nude lipstick is creamy, moisturizing and provides a high gloss finish to your lips. Nude lip colors look great matte but a smooth and shiny look is always sexy too!

L’Oreal’s Fairest Nude is one of the drugstore’s best nude lipsticks. This nude color is creamy, moisturizing and applies evenly.

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