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5 Fitness Tips To Staying In Shape In the Winter

5 Fitness Tips To Staying In Shape In the Winter

Don’t let the weather dictate you’re fitness plan! You can still stay fit and healthy in the winter time. It’s actually a smart idea to kick your workout plan into high gear while the weather is cooler, so by the time the heat rolls back around you can throw on your shorts and crop tops with confidence. Check out these 5 fitness tips that are sure to help you through this chilly weather.

1. Keep dry

After you sweat it up during your workout it is necessary to change into dry clothes immediately. Wearing your damp clothes is a sure way to catch a cold, so try your best to shower right after working out or if you can’t get to a shower right away, be sure to change clothes.

2. Breathable fabrics

Along with keeping dry you should also wear breathable clothes. Under-Armour and other breathable fabrics helps avoid sweat build-up that makes you feel colder.

3. Take a class

Get out of the house, but still keep warm by taking an interactive class. Bring a friend along for more fun and take a sexy pole dance class or a spin class to warm up and burn those calories.

4. Work out later

I love early-morning workouts just as much as the next person, but when it’s extremely cold delay your exercising for later in the day when it gets a little warmer.

5. Start small

Start your workout at half the distance of your warm-weather routine, until you have gotten used to the cold weather. It’s best to get your body warmed up inside before heading out; running in place and stretching will definitely prevent you from pulling a muscle.


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