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5 Healthy Fast Foods

5 Healthy Fast Foods

Healthy fast food? Sounds like a contradiction right? You’re in luck if you just can’t seem to shake the drive-thru pit stops, now you don’t even have to stress it. Just opt for these healthier choices instead of the salt-loaded fries or Big Mac. If you know how to count calories choosing healthy might be a little easier for you and if  you’re not into that this list will set you on your healthy way.

1. Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Go-Wrap 

Calories per serving: 260
Wraps have become a healthy favorite for many people. Guilty! They are delicious.  Wendy’s offers tasty grilled chicken strips wrapped in a tortilla with lettuce and shredded cheese. Think you can push yourself a little further? Cut the cheese (no pun intended) and honey mustard. You’ll shave off another 70 calories.

2. McDonald’s Premium Caesar or Asian Salad 

Calories per serving: 140
Never thought we’d see McDonald’s on the healthy list, but they have been making more effort to promote healthier diets than they had in the past. However, everything that says “healthy” it’s all that healthy. When getting this salad I would opt for no chicken and very light dressing. 

3. Long Johns Silver Grilled Tilapia Fillet 

Calories per serving: 110
Take a break from the fried foods and grab a bite of this delicious grilled tilapia fillet. Not so fast, no hush puppies and certainly none of their coleslaw!

4. Burger King Tendergrill Chicken Salad 

Calories per serving: 350
It’s pretty high in calories, but hey it is fast food, so work with me. The salad has tasty thinly sliced grilled chicken(with the irresistible char-grilled taste) and 3 cheeses with low-fat dressing options. Remember: Light dressing!

5. Taco Bell Fresco Crunchy Taco 

Calories per serving: 92
Taco Bell’s “Drive-Thru Diet”, the Fresco Menu  is full of healthy options for your cravings. The Crunchy Taco is the perfect quick meal.


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