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5 Make-Up Brushes Every Pretty Girl Should Have

5 Make-Up Brushes Every Pretty Girl Should Have

There are tons of ways to apply your make-up, but using the appropriate brushes is the best way! Make-up brushes are an important investment in the pretty girl lifestyle, but if you’re just starting out these are the top 5 brushes you must have!

1. Foundation Brush 

Foundations brushes come in handy for everything! There is no reason you shouldn’t have one. Even if you don’t wear liquid foundation, this brush can even be used to apply to skincare products. This brush is essential to creating a smooth, even finish for your foundation.

2. Blush Brush

It is near impossible to apply perfect blush with a good brush. Using your hands to apply blush doesn’t let you control the amount that you’re applying. With the brush you get a even texture instead hard lines of blush.

3. Concealer Brush 

A concealer brush is essential to healthy pretty girl skin. Concealer is most likely used to cover up pimples and you’ll only make them worse by touch them with your fingers.  The brush is also more gentle than your fingers when applying concealer under your eyes.

4. Eye Shadow Brush

Okay, eye shadow brushes are a little tricky. Different shaped brushes create certain looks, so you may end up having a collection of eye shadow brushes, but what’s wrong with that?

5. Eyeliner Brush 

Cream and gel liners last a whole lot longer than pencil and liquid liners. If you are a fan of cream/gel liner the eyeliner brush is definitely something you should have in your make up bag. The brush is essential to making more dramatic lines.


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