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5 reasons why exfoliating is necessary for flawless skin

5 reasons why exfoliating is necessary for flawless skin

Do you want to know the secret to flawless skin? It’s exfoliation. Yes! This simple skin-care treatment is the answer to your skin problems, including acne. Exfoliation is best defined as the removal of dead skin cells to reveal the live cells beneath.

No matter the complexion of your skin, what matters is how healthy your skin is. Here are five reasons why you should exfoliate.

  1. To fight acne, we typically use harsh chemicals that not only destroy acne-causing bacteria but also over dry skin, creating dead skin cell buildup. This traps oil in the skin which results in starting a new breakout cycle. Exfoliation can stop the cycle from starting all over again.
  2. The best way to get rid of marks after breakouts is to increase exfoliation. The more you exfoliate and remove the damaged tissues from the surface, the more even toned your skin will appear.
  3. Hyper pigmentation, i.e. brown spots, results from aging, hormonal changes or pregnancy. Exfoliation is beneficial to break up the pigmentation cells.
  4. During winter months when our skin is dry, we tend to apply a lot of moisturizers. Dry skin means dry skin cell build up. So when you moisturize, you moisturize dead cells. Products don’t bring dead cells to life. It doesn’t make sense. Exfoliation becomes necessary when the weather is dry. Remove dead skin and moisturize new skin cells.
  5. Removing dead cells will help surface the new healthy skin cells. This will enable your skin to breath. Making it smoother, giving it a healthy glow.

As skin ages, the natural exfoliation process of the skin slows down. This results in the accumulation of dry skin cells. By exfoliating you can make your skin look young again.

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