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5 Tips for a Brighter Smile

5 Tips for a Brighter Smile

Fear no more! You can flash those pearly whites in every picture without a doubt that your teeth are glowing. Follow these 5 tips and you’re on your way to a much brighter smile.


1. Crunch it! 

Crunchy and crispy fruits have enough abrasiveness that can lift stains from the teeth making them appear whiter.
So get to crunching! Try munching on apples, celery and carrots to lift stains without any damage to your enamel.

2. Floss it! 

Yes, I know flossing is a pain, but it is a necessity. Your dentists were not playing when they said that flossing is important to having a healthy 32. No matter what method you use for teeth whitening, you teeth just won’t be a clean or healthy as they should.

3. Chew it! 

Chewing gum? Yep, it’s okay to chew sugar-free gum with xyiltol.  This natural sweetener actually helps to prevent plaque. Plaque can feed on regular sugar, but it can’t digest xylitol.

4. Grind it! 

Strawberries may help whiten teeth because they contain an enzyme called malic acid, which can be found in certain toothpastes.
Mash up the strawberry or just cut it in half and rub it on your teeth.  Leave the juice on your teeth for one minute and then rinse with water.

5. Chug it! 

Drinking milk and eating dairy products decrease gum disease and maintains development, because of the lactic acid.   The calcium and vitamin D help build the foundation of your teeth and your jawbone as well. Hard cheese helps remove food particles and strengthening the enamel.


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