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5 Tips for Healthy Nail Cuticles

5 Tips for Healthy Nail Cuticles

Nail maintenance does not only include a cute polish and well-cut nails, cuticles care is a very important part in having  a healthy manicure.  Having un-groomed cuticles puts your nail beds at risk of hangnails, dryness and even infection, if your cuticles are cut badly or bitten.

1. Moisturize
Your cuticles are always begging for hydration. Every time you wash and dry your hands, do household or manual labor without gloves or expose your hands to chemicals, your cuticles need to be moisturized. It is extremely important to rub a moisturizer on your nail everyday to prevent hangnails and dryness. Olive oil is always a great moisturizer for your cuticles.

2. Don’t Cut Cuticles
Your cuticles protect your nails from harmful bacteria and by cutting them you leave your nails vulnerable to infection.  Instead of cutting off your cuticles use a non-metal tool, such as a rosewood stick to push them back.

3. Dry Cuticles Are a NO-NO
It’s much safer and not to mention, less painful to push back moist cuticles. Ideally you should push back your cuticles right after a hot shower, but if don’t have to time to jump in the shower try soaking your fingertips in warm water.

4. Cuticles 101                                                                                                                                                                                                                        What you need: cuticle remover and orange stick. First, apply cuticle remover. Second, use the orange stick to gently push back your moist cuticles. Finally, remove any dead skin by using the orange stick in tiny circles at the base of the nail.

5. Trim Hangnails
Hangnails can be tricky, but using a sharp cuticle clipper doused in alcohol or peroxide should take of those pains. Gently snip the cuticles without pulling them out to prevent cuts. Apply anti-bacterial ointment to any cuts to avoid infection.

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