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5 Tips For Perfect Eyebrows

5 Tips For Perfect Eyebrows

In between your eyebrow waxing or threading visits it’s necessary to keep those bad boys tamed. Not a fan of super dramatic colored in brows? Me either! The natural look is much more appealing to me and these are a few tips to keep those caterpillars in their place.



1. Tools 

Before I delve into the secrets of brow success you must have these essential tools:  Good tweezers, a brow brush, manicure scissors and magnifying mirror if possible.

2. Trim!!

Don’t just start hacking them away though. First, brush your brows into place following the natural direction of hair. Second, trim any hair that is hangs out of place or that is too long using your manicure scissors.

3. Abolish the Uni-brow! 

Does this need an explanation? Your eyebrows should start exactly at the inner corner of your eye. Please, for the love of beauty, pluck, razor, wax anything in between the eyes!

4. Tweezers time! 

To make sure your don’t get caught in the moment I suggest coloring in your eyebrows with a darker pencil of the shape your going for. Typically, I do this in between getting my brows done so some of the shape for the previously job is still there. Following the direction (inner corner to outer ends) of the hair pluck any hairs outside of the color.

5. Need more intensity?

Using very light strokes draw in each hair using an eyebrow pencil that matched your color. Starting at the bottom draw upward following the hairs direction. In the same motions use the brow brush to blend the pencil and hair.

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