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8 Make-Up Tips to the Picture Perfect Look

8 Make-Up Tips to the Picture Perfect Look

Nothing moves faster than a girl untagging herself from a hideous picture on Facebook. Been there. Done that. Now, let’s not do it again. Taking pictures is risky business, but with these 8 tips you won’t have to fret.

1. Matte Colors

Matte colors are flat colors, so they don’t have any shine or shimmer. Flash and shine don’t mix! You’ll wind up looking oily or really shiny in pictures and that’s never a good look.

2. Apply in Natural Light

Try as best as you can to use natural light to apply your make-up. Indoor lighting can drastically alter your appearance, causing you to apply way too much make-up in most cases. Natural light allows you to create even tones and apply just the right amount of make-up to look great in pictures.

3. Blend Concealer

We all try to cover up those nasty under eye circles with concealer, but for picture purposes it may leave an awkward coloring around you eye. To avoid the dreadful raccoon look, blend your concealer extremely well. Sometimes mixing it with your foundation helps take away some of the discoloration.

4. Black Liner and Mascara

Black liners and mascara have a much better contrast then other hues such as brown, purple or blue. Using blacks will make your eyes pop in pictures, especially if you have false lashes!

5. Use Blush

If you normally opt out on blush don’t do it for pictures. No blush will leave you looking completely washed out. Blush adds much-needed definition to your face for pictures. Be careful not to over-apply though.

6. Lipstick Always 

Again for a better contrast and lipstick does the trick. Skipping out on lip color will have your lips blending in with the rest of your face, not cute! Add some color to top off your look and be dazzling in your photographs.

7. Avoid Shadows

It’s important to know your angles when taking pictures. When applying make-up be sure not to create dark lines and shadows around the eyes and nose, especially when contouring. When taking pictures be aware of your angles and be sure not to cast shadows over your face with certain positions.

8. Whiten Eyes 

Bright eyes are definitely key to taking jaw-dropping photos. Eye drops will do the trick right before snapping a photo to get rid of any redness and to make your eyes look bigger.

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