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8 Tips for staying fit during the Holidays

8 Tips for staying fit during the Holidays


It’s that time of the year again!  Tons of Christmas parties, tons of snacks, holiday dinners, and high-calorie drinks to make you think twice about wearing that tight-fitting dress to your next holiday event.

The good news is there are steps you can take to help you maintain your weight during this joyous season. Here are 8 tips to avoid over eating around the holidays.


1. Pace yourself
Start with small portions and enjoy them slowly. Commit at least 20-30 minutes to each meal. Make sure to chew your food thoroughly before swallowing to ensure you are eating at a good pace, and take your time before deciding that you need seconds. It takes anywhere from 10-45 minutes for your stomach to release the hormone cholecystokinin, which sends signals to your brain indicating that you are full.


2. Fill up on vegetable based sides
The average serving of non-starchy vegetables contains about 25 calories. If you make half of your plate vegetables, you are probably going to end up consuming less calories overall. Choose extra helpings of green beans, salad, and collards over double servings of mac and cheese and mashed potatoes.


3. Wear snug clothes
How many of us have worn loose fitting clothes during the holidays so we feelless guilty about overeating?  Try wearing tighter fitting clothes to holiday dinners so you can be more in tune with your body and recognize when you are full.


4. Leave the leftovers
It’s easy to over eat by snacking on leftovers during the holidays. Decrease the temptation by sending leftovers home with guests after dinner. This way you are not as tempted eat a late night turkey sandwich before bed or eat sweet potato pie for breakfast.


5. Choose whole grains
Whole grains are loaded with fiber, which decreases the rate at which food is emptied from the stomach. Why is this important? Because it helps us feel full for a longer period of time. If you are making a pasta dish for holiday dinners, make sure to use whole wheat pasta, which contains almost twice the amount of fiber as refined grains. Other high fiber foods include whole fruit, vegetables and beans.


6. Don’t drink your calories
Did you know one 8-ounce cup of eggnog contains a whopping 343 calories? This makes it very easy to pack on pounds with beverages alone. Try low calorie beverages like seltzer water mixed with ¼ cup of orange juice. Also, don’t forget about good old h20. One strategy to prevent overeating is to drink a glass of water before each meal.


7. Work it off
How many of us put your workout plans on hold during the holiday season? Instead of looking at the holidays as a break from your workout plan, make an effort to plan working out into your holiday schedule. And this doesn’t necessarily mean pumping iron at the gym. Try going for a jog before holiday dinners or make it a point to take a brisk 45 minute walk before grabbing seconds.


8. Enjoy your faves
Last but not least, make sure to enjoy your meal! If you want a slice of pumpkin pie after dinner, have that slice of pie. Just make sure to keep it in moderation!  Remember, food is to be enjoyed and deprivation usually leads to overeating in the long run. Happy holidays everyone!


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