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Best Red Lip Shades for Fall 2012

Best Red Lip Shades for Fall 2012

Red lips are definitely on trend for the fall! Not just any red lips though the following red lipsticks are the hottest for this season! Jourdan Dunn shows us how to rock the super cute red lips.  

Classic Matte:

The classic matte red is perfect for everyday wear. It is super subtle and gives enough “oomph” to spice up any outfit.

Dark & Seductive:

Like a dark fairy tale princess you’ll have all eyes on you from the moment you walk in. To avoid a completely goth look, layer a lighter pink gloss in the middle towards the inner lip. This look is perfect for elegant and sexy looks.

Glossy & Bright:

This look is super bright and super bold and looks great with your LBD. It adds just the right amount of flavor to give you an un-shy, approachable look. Strong brows and light blush balance out this look!

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