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‘Big Rich Texas’ Reality Star Bonnie Blossman Offers Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tips

‘Big Rich Texas’ Reality Star Bonnie Blossman Offers Last Minute Halloween Makeup Tips

Murder mystery author Bonnie Blossman is more than just a reality TV star; she’s an expert on Halloween and all the spirited celebrations that come with it. The owner of ‘My Myster Party’ offers clients over 100 murder mystery party games and scavenger hunts perfect for this All Hallow’s Eve occasion. Below Blossman offers quick last minute makeup and costume ideas to kick your Halloween party into high gear. Check out the reality starlet who’ll transform herself into Honey Boo Boo’s mother tonight speak on her favorite holiday below. –danielle canada

rollingout: I hear you’re a big fan of Halloween, what about this holiday most excites you?

Bonnie Blossman: I’m a seasonal person all the way around I’m just as into Christmas as I am Halloween but since I’m a murder mystery author that’s what attracts me to the more gothic and dark spooky things. I love horror movies. I’ve just always been that way my whole life.

rollingout: What are some last minute Halloween makeup tips you can offer our readers?

Bonnie Blossman: There are things you can do with things around the house and a zombie costume is probably easiest. For example you can make homemade face paint. Take a few tablespoons of corn starch, about a tea spoon of flour, ¼ of a cup of light corn syrup to make it sticky and ¼ a cup of water and food coloring. You can make it red or green or whatever color you want and even switch out the corn syrup for night cream. You can apply this with paintbrushes. You don’t have to run to the costume shops, this is something you can do at home. Edible blood is another one of my specialties. This is completely simple. Stir in corn syrup with a couple of drops of red [dye] and a drop of blue [dye], you want that deep purplish blue color. It’s edible so you can put it in your mouth and let it drool out the sides.


rollingout: For people who are unfamiliar with your work, tell us more about you
and your murder mystery company.

Bonnie Blossman: My murder mystery company is ‘My Mystery Party’ and it’s
not too late you can go and choose one, I have a lot of Halloween themes. You can
download it, invite your guests over and play the game that is three rounds and
motives are given for the murder and you investigate it. It’s a great different way for your friends to get together instead of a typical cocktail party.

For more information on Blossman and her murder mystery parties visit

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