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Boozy Brunch Review: Char No 4 NYC

Boozy Brunch Review: Char No 4 NYC

If it’s not boozy, it’s not brunch. At least in New York, if you happen to be over 21. It’s the one day a week when we are supposed to turn our phones on airplane mode and chat it up with our friends about the “tea” in our lives and congratulate our sister/friends on accomplishing great things. It’s a judgment free zone of pancakes, chic Sunday looks and endless mimosas.

This week we’ve ventured to Char No. 4 in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn. The restaurant had rave reviews and a library of whiskey choices. The staff was polite and we were seated within in minutes.

For drinks we ordered mimosas and the Kentucky Royale (Sparkling wine, cassis, orange). The food came out in standard time but unfortunately the main portion of the meal was underwhelming. We wanted biscuits and were told that our meal came with biscuits. What we received was  an un-appetizing breakfast burger,  with eggs on a bun with no cheese (which is listed on the menu). The fingerling potatoes that accompanied  the “burger” were pretty good, especially when dipped in the garlic aioli.

One of the other guests ordered a simple breakfast plate with a request of eggs over hard but received eggs that were instead runny.  As a side we order pork nuggets that were an unorthodox shape (square) but definitely worth trying.

Even though our meal was not all we had hoped, the manager and our waiter were extremely accommodating.

Just on a hunch, on a different day, for lunch or dinner, it is very possible that we would have completely enjoyed our meal, Sunday’s brunch seemed to be a case of  Murphy’s Law.


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