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Celebrities gold grillz

Celebrities gold grillz

Grillz aren’t just for your southern rappers anymore. Gold grillz have become the new accessory for not only male but also female artists. If the beloved Beyoncé wears it, it’s pretty much gold. Want to look like your favorite celebrity? We’ve checked out the best spots in major cities where you can add bling to your bite.

A custom pair of gold grillz from famed jeweler, Johnny Dang in Houston, Texas will run you about $1,000

If you’re in Atlanta, A-Town Jewelz can make you a set for around $600

You may have to grab your piggy bank if you go to Avianne & Co. They do custom grillz starting at $600 per tooth!

California dreaming of a grill like Miley?  The grill above is on sale at Mr. Bling Bling

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