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Celebrity fitness trainer, Nicole Chaplin talks fitness success and her new book

Celebrity fitness trainer, Nicole Chaplin talks fitness success and her new book

Nicole Chaplin celebrity fitness trainer

Celebrity fitness trainer Nicole Chaplin is releasing her new book, YES MAM, Your Muscle as a Motivator. In the book Chaplin gives readers the tools needed to complete both long and short term goals as well nutrition and fitness tips on being the best and healthiest you. Readers can look forward to calorie burning tips, how to juice the healthy way and how to incorporate fitness trends like BOSU ballsTRX and Battle Ropes.

Who do you consider your peers in you field and a few that are great examples you can get support and best practices?

I respect and follow Chris Powell because he is a huge advocate of staying close to your family and having that be the foundation for his successful career. I also follow Marc Coronel because he is constantly traveling expressing the importance of living a healthy and well balanced life with positive energy and I believe in those principles as well.

 How do you inspire and pass on your health tips to your audiences on a personal level?

 I inspire others by leading by example. I try my best to be a light of sunshine and share it with as many people as I can. I am constantly on social media sharing positive quotes and tips. For my inner circle, I pray and send personal messages that I feel that each person may need to hear at the current moment

How do you combat unhealthy nutrition trends like the current 24/7 eating habits and help people resist temptations?

The way I resist temptation is try to withhold myself from in-taking whatever the thing maybe for 4 minutes. I read once in an article that if you can hold out for 4 minutes you will most likely lose the desire of wanting whatever the thing is that you were craving for and it has worked for me.

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