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Confidence Boosters to Feel Your Best

Confidence Boosters to Feel Your Best

Everybody has days where they don’t realize  how fabulous they really are. But it’s really important to learn how to embrace yourself … flaws and all … and spend a moment appreciating what you see. If you did that more often, you would feel sexier and be more confident on a daily basis. Here are some simple confidence boosters to add to your daily routine.



It takes more muscles to frown that it does to smile, so why not make it easier on yourself? Research has proven that if you smile, even if it’s a fake one, it will still lift your mood. Bonus: Smile at a stranger, it could give a boost to their day as well.


People who meditate at least five days a week improve their self-acceptance. It’s simple — sit quietly, pay attention to your breathing, and think compassionately about yourself or someone else.

Choose the Right Lighting

The pinkish twilight color that happens after the sun sets looks amazing across the sky … and your body. The soft shadows and contours are very flattering, which makes it the perfect time to plan a date at an outside spot.

Step Away From the Mirror

We aren’t saying ditch your primping routine, just don’t go overboard where it distracts you from other facets of your life.

Straighten Up

Improving your posture instantly gives you confidence.  Try it: Pull your navel toward your spine, roll your shoulders back, and stick your chest out.

Go to Happy Hour

Sipping a cocktail with your friends doesn’t just mellow you out, a little alcohol relaxes the tension in your face, letting your natural beauty shine through. Smile with your eyes and let your personality shine.

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