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Cops Warn Strippers: Keep This Woman Away From Your Butt!

Cops Warn Strippers: Keep This Woman Away From Your Butt!

Kim Smedley of Atlanta is accused of injecting silicone into a stripper's butt for profit.

A big ole’ butt is a money-making tool for exotic dancers, and word on the street was that Atlanta resident Kim Smedley could make it happen with a few injections of silicone.

A Baltimore stripper who paid $1,000 for silicone injections “heard through word of mouth from other exotic dancers of a woman who administered silicone injections so customers could have larger and fuller buttocks.”

According to police, the stripper met with Kim Smedley at a Baltimore-area Renaissance hotel to receive nine silicone injections in her hips and butt; while there, the stripper says she was reassured that the silicone was for medical use. She laid on the bed while Kim poured the silicone from a water jug “into a cup and from the cup Kim used a needle and syringe to draw the silicone which Kim injected into the buttocks.”

The FDA has not approved silicone injections to enhance your rear view.

Smedley is not a medical professional, even worse, silicone is not approved by the FDA to increase the size of your buttocks. Investigators reviewed Smedley’s finances and did not discover purchases for silicone, but discovered purchases at Lowe’s and Home Depot, and believe the silicone products were purchased at those outlets.

After her final treatment in March, the stripper reported shortness of breath and was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital diagnosed pneumonia and fluid on her lungs. The health issues didn’t end there; the stripper had to be admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital where she disclosed to the staff that she had received the silicone injections. A CAT scan discovered that silicone was present on the sides and at the base of the stripper’s lungs.

On Halloween, after a ten-day stay at the hospital, the stripper sent Kim Smedley a text, “you almost killed me,” but said Smedley did not reply to the message. The stripper still has silicone in her lungs.

Kim Smedley lives in Atlanta and is free on bail, as the FDA probe continues.

In the meantime, if you’d like to enhance your rear view, try doing squat exercises and/or buy some very sneaky undergarments. —zondra hughes

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