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Curvy and Fit : Tips to Maintain a Curvaceous but Tone Body

Curvy and Fit : Tips to Maintain a Curvaceous but Tone Body

Naturally curvy body and unsure how to work out without losing your curves completely? To maintain can certainly be hard but to tone ideal areas without losing femininity, while having curves is very difficult. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Ashanti, and Beyonce are known for naturally curvaceous bodies and go to all measures to stay fit. Here are three HUGE tips to get that fit but “hour glass” figure.

1. The perkier the merrier

Push ups are the key to tone and tighten. The manly the pushups, the better. Elbows should held in closely to the body. Pushups on the floor are the hardest form, so if it gets unbearable use a chair or table. It also helps with triceps and biceps.

2. Smaller Waist

According to Health & Fitness magazine, the abdominal area is the hardest part of the body to tone. Standing exercises to strengthen the core are helpful to the abs. Adding vegetables to your three meals a day reduces the need to eat pastas or breads, the main pests that make it hard to maintain a fit tummy.

3. Butts

Swear by lunges and squats, the muscles throughout that area work the hardest and the more you work, the faster the results will show. Get low in squats and lunges centering your core for strength. Lunges also help with balance.

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