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Dry Skin Remedies from LUSH Cosmetics

Dry Skin Remedies from LUSH Cosmetics

 LUSH cosmetics

As the leaves fall and the temper drops, more than the foliage changes, skin tends to dry out and eczema and psoriasis flare ups become more frequent. If you happen to suffer from any skin ailments, the stress related to remedying them can exacerbate the situation further. Prescriptions and trips to the dermatologists can be costly and time consuming.

LUSH fresh and hand made cosmetics provide natural alternatives for calming irritated, dry, flaky skin. Even if you do not have problematic skin, maintaining moisture is necessary for a healthy dermis. We recently took a trip to LUSH and were provided with demos on several products to relieve dry skin.

We highly recommend visiting your local LUSH store where LUSH consultants will provide a regimen specific to your needs.


 Ocean Salt Cleanser LUSH cosmetics

Ocean Salt Cleanser

This exfoliating scrub can be used for both face and body to exfoliate and hydrate skin. Sea salt granules exfoliate dirt and dead skin to reveal brighter healthier skin, while avocado and coconut moisturize and rehydrate. Ocean Salt Cleanser contains juice extracted in vodka which works as an antibacterial agent, ideal for blackheads and blemishes.

*Not recommended for use on face of individuals with cystic acne

Fresh Face Mask

Applying a Fresh Face Mask gives skin that extra kick of natural goodness. There are mask to aid in everything from dryness to calming irritated, acne prone skin. Depending on your skin’s needs, masks can be used daily. Fresh Face Masks are only available in store as they require refrigeration.

 Eau Roma Water

After using either a cleanser and/or mask suited for your skin type, LUSH recommends a toner like Eau Roma Water to rid skin of any excess cleanser or used throughout the day to refresh skin.  


The final step, the most important to having gorgeous skin is hydration. Once you’ve cleansed and soothed skin, try a moisturizer like Skin Drink or Gorgeous. LUSH moisturizers use cold pressed oils which allow molecules to penetrate skin opposed to sitting on top of skin.

Dream Cream

For a neck to toe moisturizer, Dream Cream provides the ultimate in skin hydration, especially formulated for those who suffer from skin ailments like eczema.


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