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Europeans Are More Conscious About Breast Implants

Europeans Are More Conscious About Breast Implants


The European Union’s urged governments to tighten controls of medical devices after faulty French-made breast implants created a global health scare. Concerns have arisen about the potential health impact for the more than 400,000 women in Europe and in other parts of the world, who received the faulty silicone breast implants manufactured by the French company PIP. Several governments advised women to have implants made by French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) removed after it was found to have used substandard, industrial-grade silicone gel.

If you’re an A or B cup girl living in a C cup world, here are some ways to make your girls looks bigger without the risk of surgery.


  • Push up Bras–  Try Frederick’s of Hollywood :Hollywood Flirt Push-Up Bra now on sale for $19.00 (click here to get it) OR Victoria’s Secret: Miraculous Push-Up Bra $49.50-$55. This bra instantly adds up to 2 cup sizes! Get it here!
  • Chicken Cutlets– Try Commando TAKEOUTS Silicone Gel Breast Enhancers for $48 (Buy it now)
  • Breast massage– Massaging your breasts is great for stimulating the nerves and for increasing blood flow to them. This will cause your breasts to get bigger over time. This isn’t a quick method but it’s free, safe, and a natural way to bigger breast.
  • Just plain old confidence– If you’re not well endowed up top don’t worry, turning heads with your confidence instead of your boobs is far more admirable.



Written By: Tiffani Swain-Bates

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