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Food in the Kitchen that Benefits Your Health and Beauty Needs

Food in the Kitchen that Benefits Your Health and Beauty Needs


I have gathered a few common foods that people often have in their kitchen and managed to compose a few beauty remedies that you can obtain from the comfort of your own home.  Check them below …

1. Honey

Honey is a fabulous beauty fix in your kitchen. It works wonders for hair and for skin. Honey works as a humectant, so it keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized, plus it’s both an antifungal agent and an antiseptic. If you have acne, random pimples, or other broken blemishes, just a blot of honey is amazing. Honey mixed with conditioner, is also a great mask for your hair, making it shiny, healthy, and hydrated. Just make sure the mixture is more conditioner than honey, so it won’t goo up your hair. You can also cover your lips with a bit before you go to sleep and you won’t believe your pout!

2. Sugar

Sugar may not be the best for your diet, but it’s still one of the best beauty fixes in your kitchen! It’s great for exfoliation. Sugar scrubs are delightful, whether you use them on your skin or your lips. All you have to do is rub a handful of sugar into your skin and use washcloth to massage it into the skin. It’s even cool to mix it into your body wash!

3. Coffee

Use dry grounds on your skin, in the same way as sugar and salt; you’ll love using it before you hop in the shower. Coffee is great for your hair too. When it’s brewed, a coffee rinse brings out gorgeous highlights and lowlights in your hair, especially if it’s darker blond, brunette, or shades of red or auburn. You can also try mixing it with your conditioner and use it in the shower!

-Europe Angelique

Source:  TooClothesMinded.Com

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