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Fruits and vegetables for healthy, clear skin

Fruits and vegetables for healthy, clear skin

If you want to glow and improve your tone, feed your skin. Eating fruits and vegetables daily improves the health of your skin. We’ve read they’re beneficial for our overall well-being. Research shows that the consumption of fruits and vegetables can improve the condition of your skin within a couple of weeks.

What we eat plays a major role in how we look and feel. Carotenoids, flavonoids and anti-oxidants found in fruits and vegetables like pomegranates, blueberries and avocado help make your skin softer and protect your skin from sun damage.

Fruits and vegetables with vitamin C like kiwi, pineapple and broccoli aid in digestion and burn fat. They keep your insides clean, giving you a healthier look on the outside. Carrots are high in beta carotene, which also helps prevent sun damage. Bananas are rich in potassium, which help the body cope with stress and stops breakouts and premature aging. Prickly pears detoxify kidneys, resulting in glowing skin. Tomatoes are good for anti-aging. A 2009 New Zealand study reports tomatoes are healthier when cooked in order to access their antioxidant compounds – such as lycopene, phenolics and ascorbic acid.

Not only can you eat these fruits and vegetables, you can also use them as homemade exfoliants. A cucumber can be used as an excellent toner, while tomatoes and lime juice are really good for cleansing. Applying banana paste and avocado paste can make your skin baby soft and help regain the shine that you have lost over the years.

To get your daily dose of nutrients, eat raw fruits and vegetables or as an alternative, make them into smoothies.

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