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Girl look at that body scrub

Girl look at that body scrub

Body scrubs, when used properly, produce many benefits. They exfoliate the skin, removing dead skills to reveal a healthy glow. Another benefit is the skin to able to absorb and retain more moisture.

Here’s a home remedy secret. Salt, sugar and coffee can all be mixed with varying scents and oils to produce the desired results. We’ve listed all natural scrubs you can make at home with ingredients from you local supermarket.

*Please make sure to test the scrub in a small area to ensure no adverse reactions. Scrubs are for external use only and should not be used daily.

Olive oil, Honey and Sugar scrub

Suggested for: reducing ingrown hairs



Olive Oil

Raw Sugar

This combination works great at reducing and eliminating ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini area. Honey works as a disinfectant, olive oil moisturizes and the sugar is a less harsh exfoliant than salt and won’t burn freshly waxed or shaven areas like salt.

Coffee Scrub

Suggested for: reduction of cellulite



Coarse Salt

Olive Oil

Now ladies, this is not a substitute for the gym so yes, cardio is still necessary. Coffee scrubs gives a smoother finish to skin.  Also, if you have those fine bumps on the back of your thighs or arms this helps to reduce/eliminate them.

Sugar Petal Spa Scrub

Suggested for: relaxing or gifting


Combine raw sugar and almond oil

layer with rose petal

layer with coconut oil

The smell is divine, it looks pretty layered in a glass jar and leaves your skin rose petal soft.

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