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Girl Talk: Brazilian Wax Vs. French Wax

Girl Talk: Brazilian Wax Vs. French Wax

For us girls, discussing waxing methods over lunch or during a study session is nothing new. It’s probably more embarrassing if you don’t know your methods, so next time be equipped with the girl talk knowledge and then some!

First things first: a regular bikini wax is nothing like a Brazilian or French wax, in fact you could probably save your money and do it at home. Regular waxes only remove the outside the of the panty line and some even do a little more to create a triangle shape.

Almost there:

French Wax 

A French wax goes a bit deeper than the regular bikini wax, removing all the hair from the panty line, the top and the hair in the inner labia. This method most often requires  you to be naked from the waist down. French wax does not remove hair from the buttocks and will sometimes leave a small “landing strip.” It has a smooth result and is perfect for first time waxers that aren’t ready to go all the way.

The Full Monty:

Brazilian Wax 

A Brazilian wax goes all the way. For this wax you are required to be naked waist down and depending on the aestheticians method or skill you may be required to change positions in order to reach all the hair. This wax method eliminates all unwanted hair from belly button to buttocks. Upon your request they can leave a landing strip. Sometimes tweezers are used to clean up the rest of the stray hairs.



  • Brazilian slightly more painful than French
  • Technique generally the same
  • Depending on state or status of boutique the prices can range from $35 at the lowest and $120 at the highest.

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