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Has photoshop gone too far?

Has photoshop gone too far?


Ladies, we’re all guilty of flipping through a magazine and envying the long and lengthy, tightly toned bodies that fill the pages of some of the world’s most iconic fashion publications. But are women in our society being held up to realistic expectations?

We’re not saying that every model fakes it to make it but we are saying that in many cases, we are tricked into buying an image that in reality looks just like you and I. In a video that was released earlier this year, photographer’s show us how they use Photoshop to pressure us into buying the “model image.”

[jwplatform AwZieWGA]

The body evolution of the model in the above video is so striking, that it makes us wonder, just how far do some of these advertisements go… And should it be legal? – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

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