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How to win against breakouts with LUSH cosmetics

How to win against breakouts with LUSH cosmetics

Acne prone skin can cause anxiety and frustration, which usually leads to more breakouts. Going to dermatologist can be expensive and the ingredients in some topical acne cream can cause liver damage and if used improperly, chemical burns. If you prefer trying a more natural remedy to fight off bad breakouts LUSH cosmetics is here to the rescue.

LUSH cosmetics is an all natural, beauty brand that specializes in soaps, masks, and cosmetics. Not only are their products “green” they practice ethical buying and do not test any products on animals. Buying from LUSH you can be conscious and cute!

LUSH Fresh Face Masks are a great way to combat random breakouts and sooth acne prone skin. The Fresh Face Masks are not available online and for good reason. The Fresh Face Mask are made from fresh all natural ingredients and must be kept refrigerated. A benefit of having to go into a LUSH store to buy your mask is the one-on-one service with a trained LUSH professional who will direct you towards products that best suit your skin type.

The products below work well with most skin types but please be sure to test products in small areas before applying to skin or ask a LUSH representative.

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