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Makeup Monday: Makeup tips from Eddie Reyes

Makeup Monday: Makeup tips from Eddie Reyes


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Mix your concealer with a bit of eye cream. It blends better for a more smooth application.
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Always wash your face with cold water. Hot water turns your face red from the warmth and can show red looking vessels. Take it an extra step before a date and rub an ice cube over your face before applying makeup. It minimizes the appearance of large pores.
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Always test lipsticks on your fingertips first. They have the same blood vessels as the lips and will mimic how the color will look on you.
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Keep a pearly shimmery gloss in your handbag. Apply it to the high plains of your cheek bone for a highlighted, dewy finish to your skin.
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Use a damp sponge and press it over your makeup when done. It removes excess product that can crease or settle into lines.
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