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Makeup Mondays: Drugstore beauty gems

Makeup Mondays: Drugstore beauty gems


Having a “beat” face shouldn’t be a luxury and it doesn’t have to be.¬†Building up an arsenal of cosmetics can get quite costly and not every drugstore brand is going to give the flawless finish you’re looking for. The ones we’ve selected below are tried and true and won’t run your pockets dry.

Black Opal Liquid Foundation

Black Opal cosmetics market their products towards women of color. They have perfected the tones and undertones of brown skin and their products provide a hydrated matte finish. The average cost of the Black Opal foundation will run no more than $8.

LA girl pro concealer

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal is the latest gem amongst makeup artist and makeup enthusiast. Not only is the concealer one of the best in the market, it’s $2.99.

Wet n wild eyeliner

Wet N Wild is an old school product line that features pops of color in everything from mail polish to eye shadows. Our favorite, the eyeliners that come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Most places sell the liner for under $1.


“What’s pink and green and in every girl’s bag?” Maybelline Great Lash Mascara gives you the bang without having to spend all your bucks. For added drama the classic mascara also comes in an electric blue.

Sephora eyeshadows

Last but not least there’s eyeshadow, we cheated a bit. Sephora isn’t a drug store but they do sell great pigments for ¬†under $15.

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