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Pretty Girl Secret: Drinking Water

Pretty Girl Secret: Drinking Water

I know you probably hear this all the time, but water really is the best known beauty secret! Keeping hydrated is the best way to keep healthy and pretty. The best part is water is absolutely free, you can save tons of money on all the beauty and hair products and just hit your sink for a sip of cool refreshing water.

1. Pore Cleanser 

The number 1 beauty benefit of water pore cleansing effect. Our skin goes through so much throughout the day and drinking water helps eliminate the dirty toxins that attach to our bodies. Drinking your daily dose of aqua will have your skin looking better than ever!

2. Bright Eyes 

Too many late nights studying….or partying? Make your gazers gorgeous by keeping hydrated with lots of water.  Of course you can use eye drops to brighten your eyes, but the natural way is the best, not to mention it’s cheaper.

 3. Stay Toned

Water = Natural Age Rewind! Drinking lots of water fills your cells with water which can reduce wrinkles and even cellulite. Drinking water will tone and tighten your skin leaving you with a beautiful fresh, youthful face.

 4. Shiny Hair  

You can buy loads of deep conditioners and treatments to make your hair look shiny and healthy, but if your not drinking water your hair and skin will be dehydrated and never reach it’s full potential. Stay loaded up on water to keep your hair alive, shiny and healthy.

5. Pimple Popper 

Now that we know that water is the ultimate toxin releaser, it’s only right that you will have less acne on top of that. Water cleanses your skin from the inside out and in that process it is the perfect solution for acne-prone skin. Pretty Tip: Add lemon to your water for more acne-fighting ingredients

6. Natural Energizer 

Pulling an all-nighter? Instead of reaching for a calorie-sugar-infested energy drink, grab a tall glass of water. When you’re feeling tired and drained your body is really looking for some replenishment that can only be fulfilled by water. Dehydration leaves you feeling drained, but drinking water makes you look and feel a whole lot more energized.


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