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Rivé: A pretty, eco-friendly bottle of H2O

Rivé: A pretty, eco-friendly bottle of H2O

Designed for fashionable fitness junkies and, well, anyone who drinks water, Rivé is the latest and prettiest water bottle to hit Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Rivé is where “hydrogen meets oxygen meets art.” It has given your standard water bottles a facelift. Designer Patricia Field collaborated with Rivé to create a limited edition bold and playful bottle for the Savoy Designer Series.

Here’s a list of three designs to gift yourself or the avid water drinker in your life. Plus, talking pretty plays a quick-and-fun game of celebrity matchup.

The Elan is the original Rivé. This 12-oz , hourglass-shaped bottle is etched with fresh colors so it is as easy on the eyes as it is to hold in your hand. Celebrity matchup: Jennifer Hudson. It’s her hourglass figure—duh.

Savoy Designer Series is the taller bottle that holds up 16 oz. of H2O and features limited-edition artwork, textured glass, and an easy-flow mouthpiece, protective silicone end pieces. Celebrity matchup: Zoe Saldana. She’s tall and has a good sense of style.

The Lynx is for the fitness go-getters like yogis and spin masters. This pretty and sleek bottle adds a touch of style to you while working out. It gives onlookers something else to look at besides your gun show and sweat stains. Celebrity matchup: Jeanette Jenkins. Hollywood’s celebrity trainer always looks good even while perspiring.

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