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Salon of the Week: Urban Tangles

Salon of the Week: Urban Tangles

Urban Tangles
550 Pharr Rd., NE Suite 112
Atlanta, Ga. 30305
Phone: 404-869-6050
Owner: Alicia Igess

How long have you been a salon owner?
I have been a salon owner for seven years in January 2012.

What do you love most about being in the beauty business?
I love sharing what I know how to do with others the most in this business.

Are you a stylist as well as an owner?
I am a hair stylist as well as an owner.

What is one hair care tip that every woman should follow?
One hair tip that every woman should follow is do not be afraid to get a haircut. The ends of your hair are the oldest part of your hair. Be sure to keep getting trims or embrace a haircut. Always condition your hair and do not use shampoos that claim to have conditioners in them. Your shampoo should be separate from the conditioner.

Do you have plans to franchise your salon?
I would love the opportunity to franchise my salon.

What makes the atmosphere in your salon unique and inviting?
We are extremely friendly and attentive to every detail of your hair. We pride ourselves in being good listeners and giving each client what they need. Our environment is intimate and warm.

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