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The Dangers of Beauty: Butt Shots

The Dangers of Beauty: Butt Shots

(before and after of Vanity Wonder)

These days lots of women are on the craze to gain a ‘fat booty.’ Instead of doing squats and working out, girls are going for the quicker route, butt injections. Fat is the most common substance injected for implants among certified plastic surgeons, which is typically transferred from another part of the body. Black women, who once despised any kind of medical enhancement procedures, are now becoming more accepting of undergoing cosmetic procedures, such as butt injections a report by ABC News’ “20/20” found.

While this may be the ‘look’ as of today, it is a very dangerous procedure to undergo especially if it is not performed correctly. According to Dr. Mark Abdelmalek, chief of the division of laser and dermatologic surgery at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, some of the most common side effects of botched injections are severe allergic reactions and even ulcers around the injection site.  Abdelmalek says, “There’s a spectrum of danger, It can start as a little infection, but infections can be dangerous if you don’t get control over it in a timely manner.”

Vanity Wonder the woman in the photo above wrote a book on her experience with butt injections. Wonder notes in her book that the practice is more common than thought. “Shot Girls” is the title of her work, and she exposes the world of black-market cosmetic procedures explaining that many people are injected with liquid silicone, tire rubber and even super glue.

It is important for women (especially young girls, models, aspiring vixens, and strippers) to take into account the risk they are taking that can change their lives forever, or even more importantly end in death. It’s cool to want a better body and enjoy the compliments from it, but risking your life should never be the alternative to a better image.

Vist Vanity Wonder’s Shot Girl website to gain more details on her book and purchase it there as well.

-Europe Angelique

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