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Top 3 DIY Nails Trends for Fall 2012

Top 3 DIY Nails Trends for Fall 2012

Keeping you up to date on all things fashionable it’s only right to include nail trends. Stilettos nails of the summer begin to fade away and as we head back to squared, shorter nails darker tones are in. Regardless of color, your nail style has to be on point! Here are 3 of the hottest nails trends for this Fall.

Reverse French

Reverse French is a super sleek and elegant look for party nights and other special occasions. While this look is a little more difficult than others it’s nothing  you won’t master with time.


Caviar nails are the biggest, newest trend and certainly a must have! These textured nails look like a hassle, but the look is actually very easily achieved.

Ombre Nails

Starting with hair the Ombre trend ruled the Summer now moving into to Fall the trend is still going strong! Love it on hair, you’ll adore it even more on your fingers!


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