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Top eyelash trends for spring 2013

Top eyelash trends for spring 2013

This is the year of the bare-naked eye


Don’t worry. You don’t have to get over mascara just yet. Even though the fresh, mascara-free look is all over the spring runway, many prominent fashion houses still used plenty of mascara and false lashes to give their models the glam factor during their runway shows.

All in all, this year is all about experimenting with your eyelashes. From Gaultier’s fringy eyes to Gucci’s ‘Ganza’ lashes, runways have been adventurous with beauty looks. Here is the look on the season’s top trends for eyelashes.

Tons and Tons of Lashes: Gucci and Moschino showcased looks that used lots of mascara on structured lashes. The end result was smoky, smoldering “come hither” eyes. Also, highlights were used liberally all over the face to make the eyes prominent.

Natural Does It: Mascara-free lashes were spotted on Prada, Alexandra Wang and Carolina Herrera runways. The make-up artists suggest curling your eye lashes and following up with clear mascara to get a look that is refreshingly clean and chic.

Lined Lashes: For a rock-chic look, create a fine line as close to the eye lashes as possible. Use a gel liner for precise application and you will not miss the heavy fringes. Top off the no-mascara look with bright, red lips.

Lash Extensions: If you love heavy, glamorous lashes, but find that adding/removing artificial ones is too cumbersome, then you will love the new lash trend. Lash extensions are quickly catching on and can give you eyelashes that last for weeks. Find a good eyelash professional and ask them to give you all the lashes you want, from doll-eyed, doe-eyed looks to full on Kim Kardashian glam-lashes.

Bling Bling Eyes: Christian Dior models rocked some accessorized eyes on the runway. Lined with Swarovski crystals, their eye lashes were real headturners. Break out your fake lashes,and glue some crystals on top to get a similar look. At the Chanel show, models’ eyes were covered in sequins, feathers, crystals and organza or tulle.

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