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Workout Wednesday: Tips from ‘Black Girls Workout Too!’

Workout Wednesday: Tips from ‘Black Girls Workout Too!’


The weather is colder, we are showing less skin and the holiday season is coming with a vengeance. All of this translates to what may be  inevitable winter weight gain. That doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve teamed up with mother-daughter duo Ellen and Lana, creators of “Black Girls Work Out Too!” to provide you with practical workout tips to keep you from packing on the pounds this holiday season.

Small portions

When eating, portion control is very important. Use smaller plates and do not eat, eat, eat all day. You have to pull yourself away from the table.

food for the homeless

Remember, Thanksgiving is just 1 day, not a week and not a month. Give the leftovers to others.

turkey trot

On Thanksgiving, look into doing a Turkey Trot race in your community. These races are popping up all over the U.S. Doing this race will allow to indulge a little bit more without the guilt. 


Get up and move! Get active so you can burn more calories.

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