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2 Hair Products That Will Help You Say Farewell to Bad Hair Days for Good

2 Hair Products That Will Help You Say Farewell to Bad Hair Days for Good

Bad hair days … we’ve all had them, some more than others. From humidity, to restless nights tossing and turning in your sheets throughout the night, these obstacles have proven no threat to the two hair products I’ve just reviewed. Both are for the girl that just can’t stay still in her sleep without her scarf sliding off her head or her bonnet ending up on the floor resulting in crinkled tresses … and not in a good way … in the morning. Here they are. –mckenzie harris

DE pHusion Hair Wrap

Design Essentials pHusion Hair Wrap

I know I can’t be the only girl who wakes up with her scarf on her pillow. Sometimes I’ll even tie my scarf so tight nearly on the breaking point of cutting off my circulation, just to see if it will stand the chance of lasting through the night. When I tested out Design Essentials pHusion Hair Wrap, all I had were two words … mission accomplished. I’ve tried other wraps in the past, I’ve even tripled up and used a wrap, scarf, and bonnet all together, but this pHusion wrap put an end to that and stayed put all night with ease. Not only does this wrap keep your tresses tamed, the satin finish helps to prevent shedding and breaking by retaining your hair’s moisture. Simply wrap your hair using a brush or comb, and carefully secure the wrap over your hair with the Velcro fastening. For only $8, this product is a steal and totally worth the purchase price to put an end to bad hair nights.

The ECOSOQ™ Natural Sleep Cap

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? This natural sleep cap is perfect for ladies with long hair, locks, extensions, you name it. Designed to cover hair as it hangs, this sleep cap is the perfect no-tuck solution for coverage from the root to the tip of your hair. I had a Talking Pretty reader with 21-inch extensions try this out and she loved the fact that she woke up with hair that was easy to transition into her fast-paced lifestyle in the morning. The cap is made of natural cotton sateen that offers breathability, is recyclable and biodegradable.  ıeing eco-friendly is a very nice touch. For more information on where to order, visit

ECOSOQ Natural Sleep Cap


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