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4 Positive Role Models Under 30

4 Positive Role Models Under 30

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is nothing short of a positive role model.  She is the new face of Cover Girl and a great example for young black women, setting a different beauty standard.  She stands apart from most sticking to a look that works for her and not stepping into the mainstream world bowing down to their thoughts of how she should look.  She does a great job at staying in her own lane musically and fashion wise, and for those reason alone you have to respect her hustle.

Necole Bitchie

Necole Bitchie’s story is amazing.  She is the defintion of ashy to classy.  She went from living couch to couch to living the life in both New York and LA, winning awards and being recognized for the work that she puts in as an entrepreneur.  She runs one of the top blog sites and now collects enough revenue to live off of solely from HARD WORK!  Tipping my hat off to Necole Bitchie… wow.

Coco and Breezy

Coco and Breezy are two twin designers that made their way from Minneapolis to the Big Apple.  They started their own sunglasses and accessories line that became an instant hit.  They have appeared in your favorite Mags such as Vogue, Essence, Vibe, and Fader just to name a few.  They have consecutively had presentations at New York fashion week and they don’t seem to be anywhere near done!

Angela Simmons

Our favorite Run’s House daughter Angela Simmons is a great role model.  If you watched the show you got to witness how she and her sister Vanessa got their Pastry company off the ground.  Since then Vanessa Simmons has gained a few endorsements, and is really getting to be known for her great fitness and healthy lifestyle.  She takes to twitter and instagram a lot to show her progress with her trainer.  She is an all around great inspiration for any young lady out there trying to make it.

-Europe Angelique

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