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4 Ways to Get Ready for School

4 Ways to Get Ready for School

Getting back into the groove of school is always a hassle and it’s usually greeted with frustration. This year is doesn’t have to be so dreadful with a few easy tips you can concur the first few weeks of school with a breeze.

1. Time Management

Managing your time is not as hard as the world makes it seem. I get it, you may be working then from work you run to class then from class to home and straight to the computer to do all your homework. However, keeping everything on a planned schedule and writing down a to-do list will make everything less cluttered and space out your task, so it doesn’t seem like everything is coming at you all at once.

2. Less Partying

It’s college, I know! Partying is all we want to do, but….you can’t. Not all the time at least. Once you have your schedule all mapped out and your time management is underway, you can strategically plan your party nights. That way when you do go out, you’re not bringing down the mood worrying about your paper that’s due in the morning.

3. Sleep, Sleep and More Sleep

Pulling all-nighter’s is okay every once in a while, but don’t make it a habit. If you can at least manage to get 5 hours of sleep, that’s better than no sleep at all. Sleep re-energizes you and gives your brain a rest, so when you’re running on E, your brain isn’t working at it’s full capacity and you’ll start to see that reflect in your work. So give your brain a rest and get some sleep!

4. Socialize 

Socializing is a big stress-reliever, well for me at least. When I talk to my peers it let’s me know I’m not suffering alone. School is hard on everyone and by realizing that, you can take a breather and relax a bit. Drawing back from your peers is not the key to succeeding this semester, surround yourself with like-minded people that can offer advice and even be helpful study buddies.


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