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5 Successful Black Women in TV

5 Successful Black Women in TV

It’s easy to list of the women we see on reality television, but is that the kind of person you really want to know? Most of the women on reality shows are trying, emphasis on the trying, to make something of themselves, but it’s the women you don’t see or pay close enough attention to that already made it. Producers, writers, anchors and directors already have the success map, now those are the women you should know. Check out these 5 women in television that already got it made.


Shonda Rhimes is the  writer, creator and executive producer of not one, but two extremely successful prime time television shows and if that’s not shocking enough both shows are predominately white. Grey’s Anatomy won the adoration of millions of fans worldwide and now “Private Practice,” has run for six seasons bringing in much respect and not to mention money. Rhimes received a heap of recognition earlier this year when she debuted her new show, “Scandal” starring Kerry Washington as the main character in the then new political thriller series. This woman cranked out hit shows back to back to back, she is definitely someone is television that you want to know.

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Jovita Moore gained much attention at the end of June when she replaced long-time news anchor Monica Pearson on WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News. As a wife and mother of three this new anchor is continuing the legacy of Monica Pearson and setting a new standard for broadcast television. Among her many accolades and community service initiatives, Moore has interviewed Katie Couric at Graceland, known Bill Clinton before he was even President and hung out with Carlos Santana poolside.

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Bevy Smith is a quick witted, overly outspoken and incredibly outgoing TV personality that you can’t help but to love when she’s on the screen. These assets have made her a invaluable resource to networks such as VH1, E! Entertainment, Access Hollywood, Oxygen, BET, Food Network and TV ONE. Her fashion sense and humor make her every celebs favorite interviewer and the camera just loves her.

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Although, Mona Scott Young may be seen as scathing and ruthless, you must admit the woman has brains, and she knows the formula for success. Even though some of you profess to be above the reality nonsense, she knows that more than half the world isn’t and will tune in and see what she has brewing each week on her reality sensation Love & Hip-Hop. As the owner of Monami Entertainment, as well as a former co-owner and president of Violator Management she has professionally represented Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones and more.

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Harvard Graduate, Soledad O’Brien is the anchor of CNN’s morning program “Starting Point.” O’Brien made a name for herself as an Broadcast Journalist by always being on the ball and covering all the latest, breaking news. The accomplished journalist has received the NAACP President’s Award, a Clara Barton Humanitarian Award from the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay and a Women of Power Award from the National Urban League.

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