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5 Things We Love About Teyana Taylor’s Style

5 Things We Love About Teyana Taylor’s Style

We love confident, sassy, and fashionable women … and actress, singer, and model Teyana Taylor fits the mold.

Taylor is always spotted out in the hottest threads, showcasing her unique style and swagged out  confidence … not to mention she’s surrounded by a power team of successful, attractive male best friends like Chris Brown, Drake, Pharrell Williams, and Omarion.

Here are five things we absolutely love about this chick.

No. 1: Her Hair

Who wouldn’t kill for a head full of hair like Taylor’s? She’s known for her big, full, curly locks that look great when both defined and untamed. It’s always fun watching Taylor switch it up from jet black, to a soft ombré transition, or a short, cropped, curly bob with pops of highlights.

No. 2: She’s got a sick body

Have you ever looked at someone and they made you feel bad for placing those chips in your mouth as your afternoon snack? Well Taylor makes us feel that way. She is clearly dedicated to hitting the gym full force with a six pack that proves it. Two thumbs up for Taylor finding time to stay fit and healthy even throughout a busy schedule.

No. 3: She takes fashion risks

We love when women take fashion risks and decide to set trends instead of always following them. Take for example this pair of Report Signature “Steinway” Over the Knee Boots. Instead of wearing them over a pair of skinny jeans or black leggings, Taylor paired them with a pair of cut off denim shorts, a vintage t-shirt, and an army green cotton vest for a casual approach.

No. 4: She switches from tomboy to girlie chic and it always works

Fitted hat and Jordan’s or Herve Leger dress and six inch heels? Taylor pulls off both looks with ease. We love when she dresses up to show off her killer figure, but we also love when she dresses down sans the makeup and rocks her natural beauty.

No. 5: She kills the accessory game

Shades, sneakers, dope watches, and studs … Taylor wears it all. The art of mixing different pieces of jewelry and other accessories is something she has down pact. Her eclectic style is something that makes her stand out from the rest.


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