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6 Favorite On-Screen Girlfriends

6 Favorite On-Screen Girlfriends

We all have that group of girls in a movie or on a show that we mold our best friend clique in to. Take “Sex & the City” for instance, everywhere girl group has it’s Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. Whether from the romantic relationships, bitchy attitudes or fashion sense, we each can relate to at least one girl in the group.  The surreal friendships created on-screen perfectly depict the everlasting bonds that girlfriends form. Check out some of our other favorite on-screen girlfriends.


Waiting to Exhale starring the late Whitney Houston was the original girlfriend sensation that taught us how to laugh, cry and get revenge.

The Spice Girls took us on a trip to Spice World and had us mesmerized by their wacky style and party attitude.

Girlfriends, the urban Sex & the City, was the perfect mixture of romance, friendship, work, and family. The on-screen bond was surreal and related all too well with the stresses of black womanhood.

Whether you read the book series or watch the movies, you were tempted to go out and buy a special pair of jeans for your “clique.” Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is the ultimate everlasting friend story, that every girl cherishes.

Tasha Mac, “Med-school” Melanie and Kelly Pitts nearly drove each other crazy each episode of The Game, but they were always their to pick each other up and give a shoulder to cry on.

The next generation of girlfriends will premiere September 3rd with Eva Marcille in her new reality show, Girlfriend Confidential. I can already tell that these girls will cause a stir and we’ll soon be picking our favorite persona. The girls are stylish and making their way to the top; what’s not to love?

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