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6 Reasons Being a Professional Jump Off Isn’t Easy

6 Reasons Being a Professional Jump Off Isn’t Easy

‘Jump-Offs’ are a type of woman that men cheat on their significant others with. Jump-offs are women who won’t admit, or are naively in the dark about their position in a man’s life. This is no easy task.

Check out the top 6 reasons why being a professional Jump Off isn’t easy.

1.  These are the women who have never had the privilege of going to “man’s” place of residence.

-The man keeps her in a public place, never reveals his address, and always checks them into a hotel.

2.  He only calls at certain times, usually at random hours of the night or early morning.

-This is when he is usually done with his planned fun of the night, off work, or not being consumed of any distractions.

3.  She doesn’t get to know any of his friends or family, and when they do actually have sex it’s in a car, a hotel, or at their own home.

-This is the sad reality … and it may not be that easy but the pros deal with this on a daily basis.  Usually when it gets to this point the woman’s mind is so cold that she doesn’t care.

4.  They always have to deal with the cheap route.

-No expensive dates or trips, sometimes the man will make her use her own money and say that he will ‘pay them back’ or put the money into their account … DAYS later.

5.  Jump off’s don’t get quality time outside of getting their backs banged out.

-The woman usually has no other use… why have someone with these standards around true friends and family?

6.  There are no intimate dinners in chic restaurants, no shopping trips, no anniversary getaways. Nothing whatsoever.

-That’s just the way it goes… the pros are aware of this but just look at it as ‘politics’, in the end they’re getting their end of the deal right?

Well there you have it.  The next time you have something negative to say about a jump off, just know that it isn’t easy.  Even with those reasons as to why being a professional Jump Off is hard, they have the ability to look past all of those infidelities.  Professional Jump Offs know what they want whether it be status, money, or just someone that gives the illusion of security.  Unfortunately a lot of women get trapped into this jaded image, but who are we to judge them?    After all nice girls always finish last…

What are your thoughts out there?

-Europe Angelique

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