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7 Black Actors That Can Get “It”

7 Black Actors That Can Get “It”

After referencing the “Top 7 Sexy Rappers“, we thought it was only fair to highlight some of the sexiest black actors in Hollywood that we’d love to pillow talk with. We have seen these men play the heart throbs and the bad guys, but we still can’t get enough. Which one of these men would you like to make your own?

Blair Underwood

1. Blair Underwood doesn’t always play the good guy, but is undeniably good looking. Underwood is taking on another bad guy role on Broadway in the reproduction of “A Streetcar Named Desire” playing Stanley, the tough guy that Stella can’t get enough of and we can’t either.

Terrence J

2. Leaving 106 & Park his home at BET, Terrence J made his debut on the big-screen with “Think Like a Man.” Resembling a young, Terrance Howard, we know Terrence J will not disappoint us on his big move to Hollywood.

Mehcad Brooks

3. As if The Game didn’t have enough sexy black men, Mehcad Brooks came in the game just to keep us even more glued to the screen. He joined the crew of Necessary Roughness earlier this year, again adding more unnecessary sexiness. What are they trying to do to us?

Taye Diggs

4. Taye Diggs keeps it sexy with his impeccable body and smooth chocolate skin. As if that’s not sexy enough, his daddy skills make him even more attractive. He even ventured in to writing for children with his book “Chocolate Me“.

Pooch Hall

5. As mentioned before BET’s The Game is full of sexy black men and Pooch Hall is definitely one of them. Not only did we fall in love with Hall’s adorable baby-face and sexy, football player body, but he also played the perfect boyfriend that we all dreamed about having.

Tristan Wilds

6. Tristan Wilds has grown up since his days on “The Wire” and looking grown and sexy. His role in Red Tails has set him up for a promising career on the big-screen.

Idris Elba

The combination of his amazing body, his maturity and sexy British accent, Idris Elba is the dream man. The A-list actor has played a number of roles and it’s rumored that he may be starring in the 2014 film, Mandela.

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