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Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway Talks New Movie, ‘The Obama Effect’ and Obama’s Health Care Act

Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway Talks New Movie, ‘The Obama Effect’ and Obama’s Health Care Act

Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, who’s appeared in major motion pictures like Love Don’t Cost a Thing, and Coming to America, is set to star in the new movie, The Obama Effect.  Also starring Katt Williams, this dramedy tells the tale of a middle-aged  insurance salesman, John Thomas (played by Charles S. Dutton) who, after a serious health scare, becomes obsessed with President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Rolling out was lucky enough to have a sit down with Ms. Calloway as she answered questions about her new movie and politics.

Why is it important for people to see the film?

I think that it’s important now because it’s going to remind people about their feelings on why they elected Obama 4 years ago and hopefully the audience will reconnect with those feelings and help him get re-elected.

What are your thoughts on Obama’s re-election campaign and Republican candidate Mitt Romney?

I hope we get him re-elected. And while no one’s perfect, I think he’s done the best job that he can do, especially given the circumstances he had when he first came into the job.  I think he deserves another four years to finish out his plan. If Bush could get eight years, I don’t see why Obama can’t. Also, I think we’re going to be in trouble if those “tea baggers” take over.  We have to really watch out for Mitt Romney because he’s not thinking about black folks.

How do you feel about the fact that the Supreme Court upheld the Health Care Act?

I think that there are some issues that need to be reworked a lot, but it’s definitely the farthest we’ve come in health care reform in decades. Instead, people are picking on the things they don’t like and not looking at the part that’s working for a lot of people. And with anything you can go back and fix some things, but don’t look at it as an utter mess, or “How dare he?” Look at the bigger picture, people.


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