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Adrienne Bailon: Cute Dress, But Too Sheer; How To Prevent Her Nip Exposure

Adrienne Bailon: Cute Dress, But Too Sheer; How To Prevent Her Nip Exposure

Adrienne Bailon and Rocsi Diaz

Actress and singer Adrienne Bailon was spotted out last night at rapper Fabulous and NBA player Amar’e Stoudemire’s birthday bash at the Catch Roof in New York.

Celebs like Emily B, Rocsi Diaz, Jessica White, Angela Simmons, Trey Songz, and Ryan Leslie were all in attendance looking dapper and glam. But we couldn’t help but notice how sheer Bailon’s sexy black halter dress was.

She had everything else right from the hair down to the makeup and shoes, but her dress was a fashion no-no. Bailon was definitely going for a daring look (hence the side boob photo below), but she may not have thought about the free peep show photographers were getting from the flashes on their cameras.

Here are some tips on how to avoid unwanted nipple exposure:

1. Invest in Nip Covers

Ahhh, we don’t mean the kind like the infamous and sparkly pasties Lil Kim likes to wear, nor do we mean Vegas Show girl pasties either. Nipple covers (also called “petals”) are available in styles that are disposable, reusable, or silicone and they aren’t all for the glitz and glam. Try some disposable Fashion Form petals from Target that include six pairs of petals for $14.

Fashion Form Disposable Petals, $13.99, Target


2. Add an extra lining

If you already know your dress is sheer and you’re unable to wear a bra, add an extra layer of fabric to give you more coverage. A sensual silk lining in the same color as the fabric will still glide over your curves like you want and will add ease to your night ensuring no free peep shows.

3. Check, check, and triple check

Often times an item of clothing may be more sheer once you put it on than you initially noticed while on the hanger. It’s best to check your questioned garment in different lighting other than that of the dressing room. Ask a friend to let you know if they can see through your garb while in natural outdoor lighting, as well as in a photo when the flash is used. If you have a sexy top or dress that is on the revealing side, move your arms around, bend over, and sit down to see where any possible wardrobe malfunctions could occur while you’re out.



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