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Are You A Sidechick? 10 Ways You Know You Fit the Part

Are You A Sidechick? 10 Ways You Know You Fit the Part

We all never want to be that chick. As a woman, settling for the sidechick role, demoralizes and make you look like boo boo the fool. Too harsh? Ever found yourself in or near a situation where you question whether you are his main chick or some piece of cake on the side? Here are 10 ways to know you fit the characteristics of a “sidechick”.

10. Does he have a code name for you in his cell?

Cousin Dae Dae? Or homeboy Mike? There should be no reason he doesn’t have your name programmed. You’re probably his sidechick.

9. The Phone Junky

Is his phone attached to his hand every second you guys are together? His mom must be a VERY experienced texter.

8. The Gentleman

If he’s never offered to pay for lunch, or it didn’t come naturally….Hmmm, think twice.

7.Disappearing acts

Do you only hear from him periodically? Consistency usually falls into place when you have a guy’s attention. If you we’re the main one, he’d make it his duty to contact you every chance he gets.

6.  The Homie

Addressing you as “the homie” is a HUGE sign…. You probably should just move on. Yeah, move on. That’s a big no no, especially if you’re feeding into it.

5. “Trophy” girl

Guys sometimes like to show off their women to boost their egos and pride; ever been introduced to his family or close friends?

4. Dating

Frequent dating is a sign you’re in the door, if not….well, you know the rest.

3. Public Eye

Do you guys meet up in odd places with hardly no one around? It’s either one of two things, 1.) He’s wants alone time or 2.) He’s hiding what you guys have going on. It’s more than likely answer two.

2.  No “title”

If you two have been involved for 2+ years and you guys are still just “kickin’ it” and he cringes at the sign of a relationship? Reevaluate. You’re a sidechick.

1.Booty Call Hours

If he calls you at the butt-crack of dawn to chill, he obviously sees you only as a piece of meat (I have to choose my words wisely).


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