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Are You the Next Bridezilla? 5 Reasons You Just Might Be

Are You the Next Bridezilla? 5 Reasons You Just Might Be

“Bridezilla” = a bride-to-be who focuses so much on the event that she becomes difficult and obnoxious. Sound familiar? It’s easy to slip into bridezilla mode during the upcoming months of your wedding due to the stress and the quite understandable desire be in control and involved with every single thing going on. However, if your bridesmaids are dropping like flies and your own wedding planner is afraid to answer your phone calls due to your intense micro-management, your definitely crossing into the bridezilla territory. Keep yourself in line with this bridezilla checklist.

1. Are your angry? One sure sign that the bridezilla is seeping through your pores is if your constantly angry. Planning and preparing for your wedding should be fun, stressful at times, but nonetheless fun. If you constantly have a frown on your face and you suddenly feel like everyone is against you, you might be a bridezilla. Just take a deep breathe and realize your friends and family are on your side and they only want to make your day special, so let them.

2. Losing friends? Your bridesmaids used to be your really close friends, but if asof lately they hardly speak to you and pretty much avoid you then it might be time to lay off. Your friends want your wedding to be perfect just like you do, but 3 meetings a week, non-stop emails, text messages and phone calls is a bit much and they may feel like you’re becoming way to demanding. Give it a rest a treat your dear friends to doughnuts or coffee, after all they are doing you a favor by participating.

3. Too busy for everything else? Your wedding is important, I get it, but when you become so consumed in planning 1 day event that you begin to neglect all other obligations…it’s a problem. Although it may be hard to believe, your wedding is not the center of everyone else you knows world. Putting off work or your girlfriends, because your so busy with planning your dream wedding, will only set you up for failure, when it’s time to get back to real-life. Your friends will think your selfish and if you still have a job, you’ll be up to your eyeballs in work.

4. No one is returning your calls. You’re officially a bridezilla when no one wants to work with you. Your wedding planner is at her wits end with your micro-management and your cater and florist forward all your calls to voice mail, because you basically have deemed the incompetent. Realize this, you hired them because they are professionals and experts in their craft, they cannot and most likely will not get the job done if you are hounding them 24/7 and leave them no room for their creative juices to flow.

5. Your expecting top-notch gifts. Sorry to break it to you sister, but no one besides your close family members will be dropping $100’s on your wedding gifts. So be reasonable with your gift registry. It’s okay to throw some expensive things in the mix, but don’t lace it with items you know no one can afford or you’ll end up with a table full of nothing. Just think of things you would gift to your friend or distant cousin at their wedding and go with that.




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