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Black Women: When Did We Become So Ratchet?

Black Women: When Did We Become So Ratchet?

*Deep Sigh* From the picture above, there are no words. As I chuckle, I wonder how many Black women wear this hairstyle, how much did she spend to get this style ( literally), and when did it become OK to use dollar bills for hair weave? People’s priorities these days are shot. Instead of using the money to invest in something beneficial, it’s spent on atrocious things. Acts like these are the reason why we as African American Women are viewed “ratchet”.

Ratchet (ratch·et) – describes a person or activity that is out of hand, out of control, or generally whack in some way. Ironically enough, the definition plays into the stereotype and negative statistics we fight everyday.

The more obnoxious the pictures, videos, and music gets the more we take hold to this fantasy lifestyle of luxury. Our expectations for positive images of Black women is constantly stricken and “the good girl” image is pegged as simply boring.

When did we become so ratchet? The moment moral and values went out the window and having standards became a synonym for being needy. The women who demand respect and have standards are viewed “bougie” or “stuck up”…. WHAT? Instead of embracing the “ratchetness”, we should just let it go…. yeah, just PLEASE let it go.



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